Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

Thrown on the Compost Pile, Left to Decay

death-metal-inspirierter Text aus dem Archiv (╯°□°)╯

From the moment we met
You were my final choice
Everyone would have bet
That we love each other
So no one would ever bother
They adore your lovely voice

But it is ugly to me
I wanna rip out your vocal chords
I’ll restrain you to see
Your face being sliced by my swords
Bleeding and screaming in pain
I commit the misdeeds of insane
Between eggshells and mold is the place for you to be

Rot you fucking piece of shit
Atone for your ridiculous style
Superficiality is your doom
You know I don’t like it
Now taste your fucking bile
Your once so shiny life will forever rest in gloom

Painfully paralized
I scratch out your eyes
I have known right from the start
That you are a snake in the grass
Now as I tear you apart
Guess what will be left of your lies
Yeah right, bones and slippery mass
Have you finally realized

There you lie, completely dismembered
I’m staring at you, I’m done
Here rises the moon, there sets the sun
That’s nature, make sure to remember

Artificial were you
Now you lie dead
They adored your lovely voice

Thrown on the pile to decay

"Thrown on the Compost Pile, Left to Decay" © Lukas Schaub 2011

© Lukas Schaub 2011/2017

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